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[Choose from 3 sizes] Cropped cable cardigan x jumper dress set

Introducing an item that can be worn as a set or worn alone!

The cardigan has a slightly shorter length so that it is easy to balance with the dress. The design is enhanced by adding a cable pattern and lines on the chest. The buttons are also colored for an accent. The sleeves are pointed and voluminous sleeves, so you can create a feminine look just by wearing it.

【one piece】
A dress that can be worn in two ways, front and back. If you want to wear it simply, you can change the image by putting the V line in the front, and if you want to bring a point to the front, bring the ribbon to the front. It has a relaxed silhouette, so you can naturally cover it without worrying about your body shape.

The material is non-irritating and stress-free to wear. You can also do easy care at home.
Since it is made of a knit material that stretches easily, the length is short when it is delivered. The length is set with the assumption that it will stretch, so if you think it is too short, we recommend hanging it on a hanger for about 30 minutes.

It is easy to match with a variety of innerwear, such as putting a sheer innerwear inside the dress or matching a turtleneck. The set-up, which is convenient to have, will give a gorgeous impression depending on accessories and other small items. If you choose leather bags and boots, the mood of the season will increase. Both the cardigan and dress have simple designs, so you can use them separately. Coordinates are endless! It's the perfect outfit for travel.

◇ Staff recommendation ◇
● 155 cm staff (usually wears size S)
Wearing size: M size
I tried wearing M size. Is it short at first? I thought, but as I wore it, it became just the right length. The length is so long that you can see your ankles and it is easy to balance with boots. I always gave up on long items, so the M size is very helpful!

● 157 cm staff (usually wears M size)
Wearing size: FREE size
I wore FREE size! The length is just right and the length is enough to cover your ankles. I was worried about the sheerness of the ivory, so I wore a petticoat inside. The width of the body is loose and the body line does not appear, and it covers the body shape. A cardigan is also included in the set, so you can enjoy various outfits from early autumn to early spring! Both are cute and useful when used separately!

● 164 cm staff (usually wearing M size)
Wearing size: TL size
I tried wearing TL size! Normally, when I buy M size, the length is short, but this TL size is long enough for me to reach my ankles, so I was happy! The design is simple, but cute and easy to match. I especially like the cardigan because the buttons are colored and elaborate.

Country of Origin China

Inquiry number 5230092


Material 100% acrylic%


(M size)
Length 46 cm Sleeve length 53.5 cm Width 58.5 cm
one piece
Length 112 cm Width 49 cm

(Free size)
Length 47 cm Sleeve length 54.5 cm Width 58.5 cm
one piece
Length 119 cm Width 49 cm

(TL size)
Length 48 cm Sleeve length 55.5 cm Width 58.5 cm
one piece
Length 126 cm Width 49 cm

Bab's products are measured according to our own measurement method as shown below.

About size notation

Shipping & Returns

■Please refer to the " Shopping Guide " for conditions regarding cancellation after ordering until product shipment, as well as conditions for returns and exchanges in the event that the product is defective.


■Actual colors may differ slightly depending on the shooting environment. In addition, the color of the actual product may look slightly different from what you see on your mobile phone, smartphone, or computer screen. Thank you for your understanding.
■Dark colored items may cause color fading or color transfer due to excessive friction or friction in wet conditions.
■Due to the characteristics of the material, this product may shrink slightly when washed. After washing, reshape and dry.
■For other handling, please refer to the attention tag attached to the product.
■If you have any questions, please refer to our online shopping site Bab's detailed shopping guide .
■For product inquiries, please contact Bab Customer. Click here for inquiries.

IVORY H: 160 Wearing size: FREE

BLACK H: 160 Wearing size: FREE

PURPLE H: 157 Wearing size: FREE

PURPLE H: 160 Wearing size: TL

BEIGE H: 164 Wearing size: M

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