About costume cooperation

About costume cooperation

Bab provides costume cooperation, costume rental (rental), and leasing for models, talents, production staff, and stylists.

If you are thinking of renting costumes for TV, dramas, magazines, etc., please check the following and feel free to contact us.



1. Posting credits such as the store name

2. Provide a photo of the wearer or introduce the wearer on SNS

3. Image of "2" can be posted on our website

[Lease fee]

1. No fee will be charged if any of the above conditions are met.


Please indicate in advance the content to be used, the article to be published, the broadcast date, etc.

The product rental period is one week. (If the deadline is unavoidable, please contact us in advance.)

If the item is dirty, scratched, smells of sweat or perfume that was not there when you rented it, you will be asked to pay the cleaning fee or purchase the item.

If the product tag is damaged or lost, please bear the product price.

You will be responsible for any shipping charges (rental/return).

If you make a false application or do not comply with the terms and conditions, we may refuse the next lease depending on the condition at the time of return.

*Please feel free to contact us as we will flexibly respond to your convenience and requests, not limited to the above.

contact address

Please contact us for inquiries below. We will get back to you as soon as we have confirmed the content.

to the contact form .

Please contact the person in charge with the following information.

1. Company name (furigana):

2. Name of person in charge (furigana):

3. Type of business (stylist, hair stylist, model, etc.):

4. Inquiry content (wearer, publication, broadcast date, etc.):

5. Desired costume (product number or URL):

6. Request for paid or free lease:


We have a wide variety of items that look great while incorporating the elements of feminine and soft casual .

・Please feel free to contact us if you are a stylist looking for a costume partner, a TV person, a female announcer, a talent, a model, etc.