About membership registration

You can register as a member of WEBSTORE for free. No admission fee or annual fee is required.
If you register as a member, you can save the trouble of entering the delivery address information from the next time.
In addition, we offer member benefits such as [use of coupons].

Click here for new member registration

* Membership registration is limited to one per person.

*App members listed on our WEB STORE and LINKITMALL are registered separately. Please note that registration information cannot be linked and points cannot be combined.

*Precautions when registering an email address
If you do not receive an email from your Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail email address, please check your spam folder.
In the case of mobile phone e-mail addresses, it is basically possible to receive e-mails, but in the case of KDDI e-mail addresses (,, automatic e-mails and e-mails from customer support may not be delivered. Thank you.
Also, even if you are using an e-mail address other than the one above, you may not be able to receive the e-mail if you have set "receiving from specified domain" or "receiving from specified e-mail address".

About login

When logging in, you will need to enter your registered email address and password.

[If you forget your email address]
If you have forgotten your e-mail address, please contact us from here with your "customer name" and "registered phone number" clearly stated.

【If you forget your password】
If you forget your password, please click " Forgot your password? " on the login screen and enter the required information.

About changing member information

After logging in, you can change it from " Confirm Address " on the Members Page.

*Even if you change your member registration information, it will not be reflected in the confirmed order.
If you wish to change the delivery address after confirming your order, please be sure to contact us .

About withdrawal

Customers are unable to complete the cancellation procedures on their own.
If you wish to withdraw from membership, please let us know through the inquiry form .

*If you unsubscribe, all of your saved purchase history, points, and delivery address information will be deleted. Please note that once you withdraw from the membership, it cannot be restored.

About payment method

You can choose one of the following payment methods.

credit card
Shop Pay
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Amazon Pay

credit card

It will be a payment method by credit card.

Payment fee: Free
If you wish to split the payment, please contact your credit card company.

Apple Pay

This is a payment method that allows you to pay using credit card information or electronic money registered as Apple Pay.

Payment fee: Free * Please note that your order will not be completed if you do not proceed to the payment procedure with Apple Pay after confirming your order.

Google Pay

This is a payment method that allows you to pay using credit card information or electronic money registered as Google Pay.
Click here for details ⇢Learn more about Google Pay

Payment fee: Free * Please note that your order will not be completed if you do not proceed to the payment procedure with Google Pay after confirming your order.

Shop Pay

This is a payment method that allows you to pay using the address and credit card information registered in Shop Pay.

Settlement fee: Free * Please note that your order will not be completed if you do not proceed to the payment procedure with Shop Pay after confirming your order.

About shipping and delivery

Sagawa Express (courier service) Nationwide flat rate: 600 yen

Free shipping for purchases over 8,000 yen (tax included)

Specify desired delivery date and time

It is not possible to specify the date and time at the time of ordering.
If you wish to specify the date and time, please check the invoice number (tracking number) described in the shipping completion email and request it from the delivery company yourself.

About product delivery

Orders placed by noon on the same day will be shipped the same day (excluding weekends and holidays)

Orders placed between noon the day before and noon on the day will be shipped the same day.
Orders placed after noon will be shipped the next business day.

We will notify you of the shipping date by email confirming your order. Please be forewarned.
*Orders placed between noon on Friday and noon on Monday will be shipped on Monday.

However, this does not apply to pre-ordered items, long holidays, busy periods, or when there is a flood of orders.
Please understand that shipping may be delayed.
We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so we only ship on weekdays .

About long-term absence and refusal to receive

If you are not present at the time of product delivery, an absence contact form will be mailed.
After confirming the storage period, please be sure to request a redelivery to the delivery company.

If it is returned to us after the storage period has passed, we will charge a handling fee of 2,000 yen. (*Okinawa Prefecture and national remote islands may incur additional costs)

In addition, if you are absent for a long time or refuse to receive the item, we may refuse to order from the next time. Thank you for your understanding.

About reserved products

Please be sure to check the arrival time of the reserved product as it is stated on the product page. Although it can be bundled with regular products, if you order it at the same time as regular products, it will be shipped as soon as all the ordered products are ready, so it will take some time for the pre-ordered products to arrive.
If you wish to have your order shipped urgently, we recommend that you purchase the regular item and the reserved item separately.

Depending on the import situation, the arrival schedule may change.
Please note that if it becomes difficult to receive the product due to discontinuation of sales or production, we will contact you as soon as we can confirm it, and may cancel the order.

About returns and exchanges

About product cancellation

We cannot accept cancellations or exchanges for other products due to customer convenience.
In the unlikely event that the product is defective or incorrectly delivered, we will exchange it . We cannot accept exchanges after 7 days from the date of delivery, so please check the condition of the product as soon as it arrives.

* If there is no stock that can be exchanged, we will respond with a refund. Please note.
*Returns without contact (defective items only) will take time to process, so please contact us in advance using the inquiry form .
*Returns and exchanges of products purchased at this webstore cannot be accepted at the store.
*We cannot accept returns or exchanges of products purchased at directly managed stores, so please contact the store directly.

About returned goods

If the delivered product is initially defective, we will exchange the product if it is in stock.
Products that are sold out will be returned. In the case of initial defects, please contact us using the inquiry form within 7 days after the product arrives.

In that case, please attach a photo of the defective part. Thank you for your cooperation.
If you contact us more than 7 days after arrival,
Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns even for initial defects.

Please wait for an email from our store without returning the defective product at hand.
In addition, for all products including initial defects, products whose tags have been removed, worn products,
We cannot accept exchanges or returns of washed items.

Regarding cancellation after ordering

We do not accept cancellations after an order has been placed.

Due to the system, a small amount of inventory will be returned after cancellation.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to other customers due to the difference in stock, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

About size exchange

For products purchased from this webstore, size exchanges are possible within 7 days after the arrival of the product and only if the replacement product is in stock.

*Exchanges are possible if you only try them on at home. *Please note that we cannot accept returns.
*Please note that the shipping fee for the exchange will be borne by the customer.

※※If any of the following apply, we will not be able to respond※※
・Products that have been used, washed, or repaired ・Products that have had odors attached to them by customers (including perfumes, cigarettes, cosmetics, etc.)
・Accessories ・Product packages (bags, cases, shoe boxes, etc.) that have been lost or damaged

If you wish to exchange a size, please contact us using the inquiry form . If you return the product without contacting us, we may not be able to respond, so please be sure to contact us.

*Please note that if there are only a few remaining stocks, it may be sold out due to the exchange acceptance and misplacement.

Returns special agreement

If the following conditions apply, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.
・Products that have been used for more than 7 days since delivery ・Products that have been used, washed, or repaired Items that have been lost or damaged (bags, cases, shoe boxes, etc.) Items that have lost their purchase statement or product tag

About cooling-off

Cooling-off is a system that applies to door-to-door sales and telemarketing sales, and there is no obligation to apply it to mail-order sales.
As stated above, our shop does not stipulate because we receive orders based on the customer's own intention.