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Stitch deep V neck dress

There is also a small size development that is happy for short stature!
*S size is 5 cm shorter than M size.

A one-piece dress with an attractive texture. The texture is unusual, so I finished it with a simple design. You can also enjoy a layered style with a deep V-neck on the chest. The image changes depending on what you match with the innerwear, so various coordination is possible. The back style has a long zip, so you can't miss the back! !
There is also an S size that is great for people with short stature, so you can choose according to your own size.It has a loose silhouette, so it is an excellent dress that naturally covers your body shape.

The surface feels like quilting. It's moderately thick, so you can wear it without worrying about it being see-through. Easy care that can be hand washed at home is also a point.

It has a deep V-neck, so it is recommended to match it with a tank or camisole with an American sleeve as an inner layer. You can also wear it stylishly with a sheer inner layer or layer it with a turtleneck on cold days. Your feet will match any foot, from sneakers to flats and sandals.

Country of Origin China

Inquiry number 5310222


Material 50% cotton, 47% polyester, 3% polyurethane


Width: 58
Shoulder width: 53
Length: 121
Sleeve length: 51

Width: 60
Shoulder width: 54
Length: 126
Sleeve length: 52

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L.GRAY H: 160 Wearing size: M

IVORY H: 160 Wearing size: M

H: 151 wearing size: S

A one-piece dress with an attractive texture.

The back style has a long zip, so you can't miss the back! !

The surface feels like quilting.

H: 162 Wearing size: M

H: 157 Wearing size: M

H: 157 Wearing size: M


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