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・Available for purchases of 6,600 yen or more.
・One person can acquire only once.
・Please note that you must use the coupon code above to make a purchase in order to apply the coupon.
・Coupon codes cannot be used together.
・In this campaign, we will distribute an amount of 1,600 yen (1,000 yen coupon + 600 yen equivalent to the normal shipping fee determined by our company) as a campaign discount.

Example: 6,600 (product fee) + 600 (shipping fee)
= 7,200 yen

7,200-1,600 (coupon 1,000 + shipping fee 600)
= 5,600 yen

* Lucky bags and set items are already discounted items and are not eligible.

In February, 10 people will be selected by lottery

2WAY front and rear border big silhouette tops as a gift!

Period: 2/1 - 2/28


COLOR: Look forward to which color you win!

* By lottery from among the purchasers during the period
We will ship the front and back 2WAY border big silhouette tops together.

* Applicable to all purchasers.

Original sticker & postcard

A free gift!

*The design is subject to change without notice.

Official website limited set product planning and

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