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[koko×Bab] Front and back 2WAY sweatshirt design flared tops

--------------2WAY sweat flare tops
A collaboration product with popular influencer koko (__koko.o) is complete!

Design top that can be worn in 2 ways, front and back. One side has a button design for a cute image, and the other side has a simple flared design for a mature look. The buttons on the sleeves can be opened and closed, so you can open the buttons when you want to create a trendy look, or close them when you want to wear something with volume at the bottom.
A recommended top that enhances your style with a design that looks like you're wearing a poncho!

Mini-fleece fabric is used, and soft materials are selected. It is also very comfortable to wear and is recommended for those who don't like the prickness of knitwear.

We recommend pairing it with high-waisted pants or a tight skirt for a sharp look. When you want to create a relaxed feeling, you can take it all out and match it with shorts or wide pants for a slightly different impression. It is a top that is easy to match with a wide range of bottoms.

Country of Origin China

Inquiry number 5310032


Material 100% polyester%


Width: 43
Shoulder width: 34
Length: 63.5
Sleeve length: 71.5

Bab's products are measured according to our own measurement method as shown below.

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■Actual colors may differ slightly depending on the shooting environment. In addition, the color of the actual product may look slightly different from what you see on your mobile phone, smartphone, or computer screen. Thank you for your understanding.
■Dark colored items may cause color fading or color transfer due to excessive friction or friction in wet conditions.
■Due to the characteristics of the material, this product may shrink slightly when washed. After washing, reshape and dry.
■For other handling, please refer to the attention tag attached to the product.
■If you have any questions, please refer to our online shopping site Bab's detailed shopping guide .
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BEIGE 158cm

IVORY 158cm

We also paid attention to the marble buttons.

The button on the sleeve can be opened and closed.

Design top that can be worn in 2 ways, front and back.

“I want to make items that can be mixed and matched”
Mix-and-match ability that is also supported by koko's Instagram!
One piece can be worn in many ways, and can be changed to any expression. . . It was created by koko and Bab designer with such thoughts.
It is a special piece that we have made many small adjustments such as the length of the sleeves, the length, and the width of the slit until we are satisfied.
[There are 3 types other than this product, so please take a look. ]
・2WAY mermaid jumper skirt (Item number: 5310052)
・ Shaggy cross design cami dress (Part number: 5310042)

<From koko>
I wanted to create an item that would enhance my style while covering my body shape with the key word "adult and cute", which is also a common point between myself and Bab, and designed it.
All the items are carefully selected one by one with the hope that you will feel better just by wearing them! I would be happy if you could get it!

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