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Mods coat with boa reversible vest

◇ Revival Item ◇
An item that was very popular last year is back again this year!

A coat with a boa vest that can be worn in multiple ways. The sleeves are roomy, so it won't add bulk even if you wear it inside, making it a great outerwear for those who are sensitive to the cold. It's a mods coat, but the material is not too casual, so you can wear it moderately and maturely. The vest can also be worn separately. The vest itself is also reversible, so you can enjoy either the boa side or the side made of the same material as the outer body.
The waist part has a drawstring that allows you to adjust the silhouette by squeezing the waist. The sleeves are also voluminous and have an impressive design. The length is not too short or too long, so it is an exquisite length that fits anyone of any height.
It has a large pocket, so you can go out empty-handed if you go out for a short time.

The thick and sturdy fabric gives it a high look. There is no lining, but the material of the main body itself is thick, so it was warm.
The boa part of the vest is voluminous and has a three-dimensional finish.

The design is easy to match with any outfit. The outerwear itself has a casual design, so you can pair it with a feminine dress.
Also, as a way to wear a vest, we recommend wearing it over an outer layer, or layering it under an outer layer.

Country of Origin China

Inquiry number 5240162


Material Body: 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane, Best: 100% polyester


Width 59
Length 60

Width 65
shoulder width 52
Length 111
sleeve length 53

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KHK H:164


BLACK H: 160


It's OK to wear a boa vest inside!

The vest itself is also reversible, so you can enjoy either the boa side or the side made of the same material as the outer body.

Of course, the best only ◎ Trendy coordination is completed immediately!

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