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Sheer top set with marble camisole

A multi-way design top with a sheer top that can change the volume of the sleeves and a camisole with a marble pattern.
The long-sleeved sheer top has a separate piping on the collar and cuffs, so even this one piece can be worn with an accent. The inner marble pattern camisole has the same piping as the sheer top, so the color scheme is a highlight.
The point of the sheer tops is that you can create a puff sleeve-like silhouette by closing the buttons on the cuffs! A set item that can be worn in a variety of ways, such as wearing a camisole as an inner layer or layering it over a sheer top.

The sheer top organza is made with a moderately firm yet soft material, so you can wear it without feeling stiff. The marble-patterned camisole is also made of soft material that gives a sense of comfort.

A set item that can be worn alone with sheer tops and marble camisole. You can wear a camisole as an inner layer to enjoy the see-through print and colors, or wear a camisole over a top like a bustier, or wear them separately... This item has a wide variety of styles.
You can wear it over a dress, or pair it with neat pants for a little outing style, and it can be worn casually or neatly.
※Camisole SIZE
Width: 45 Total length: 59

Country of Origin China

Inquiry number 5231042


Material Tops: Main body 100% nylon Other material 100% polyester Inner: 100% polyester


Width 50 Shoulder width 45
total length 66 sleeve length 55

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